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T-Mobile Helps Note7 Customers

It’s hard to believe that there’s anyone who hasn’t heard about the Galaxy Note7 recall that was prompted by combustion incidents resulting in both injuries and fires. Apparently, however, numerous reports of phones bursting into flames haven’t been enough to push Note 7 owners to take the recall seriously.   As of now a majority of Note 7 owners have …

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War On Drugs: Where The Money Really Comes From [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered where the War on Drugs came from or whether it is even winnable? The fact of the matter is the War on Drugs was designed to be an unwinnable war that raged on for decades and took out civil liberties and incarcerate citizens. In 1994, John Ehrlichman admitted the War on Drugs was designed to alienate …

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3 Easy Solutions For Common Bathroom Problems

Your bathroom is an area in your house that gets more foot traffic than anywhere else. When you really think about it, you spend a lot of your time at home in your bathroom. Whether it be to do your duty, to shower, to take a relaxing bubble bath, to get ready in the morning, or to get the children …

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Bingeing On Box Sets: Stay In The Loop With These Addictive TV Shows

We know it’s not normal to spend every weekend bingeing on box sets. But every so often Ben, Jerry and you make a date for a Saturday and Sunday of serious downtime, PJ’s, popcorn, TV shows and all. Everyone does it; we just don’t like to admit it! For all the latest in music, TV and entertainment follow the click. …

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September, 2016

  • 22 September

    Four Ways To Get Money And Get Back On Your Feet Again


    When it comes to financial sense, sometimes even the best laid plans blow up in your face. Maybe you unexpectedly lose your job, maybe your hours get cut, or maybe an injury or illness keeps you out of work for an extended period of time. Hopefully you had a nest egg you could dip into to get by for a …

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  • 21 September

    Workplace Negligence: How To Get Your Financial Just Deserts

    workplace injury

    Getting injured in the workplace is never fun. Initially, your thoughts won’t turn to anything but your recovery. It soon becomes apparent, however, that someone needs to pay for all this. It wasn’t your fault that you got injured. Why should you go into debt because of it? Someone has to be held accountable for your injuries, and this needs …

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  • 20 September

    Comparing Apples To Oranges: Learning About Stuff Through Relativism


    In the search for pertinent information about different products or just ‘stuff’ in general, there’s some benefit to comparing things that would otherwise overlook each other. For example, you can compare one kind of apple to every other kind of apple, and there would be some set of consistency involved in the results. But, sometimes comparative information can lead you …

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  • 18 September

    8 Window Treatments Trending Right Now


      Your home is often a reflection of you. If you’re a neat and organized person, your home will probably be tidy and classically designed. If you’re a little scatterbrained and always live with a little chaos, your home will probably have a strong, perhaps eclectic, character and a few things out of place. Either way, it’s important to make …

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  • 18 September

    Newest Technological Developments in Biotech Today


    Modern medicine is the promise of health and wellness in the twenty-first century. Although there are hundreds of new technological developments in the biotech field, the following are some of the most widely beneficial and currently available. 

Kidney Dialysis at Home Modern medicine teaches us that the kidneys are the body’s number one waste filtration system. Kidneys work around the …

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